COVID-19: What I’m Doing

I’ve resisted posting about COVID-19, figuring everyone is being *inundated* with info at this point. But I decided to share what I’m doing, in case it is helpful.

The basic epidemiology here is critical. The key thing is slowing the spread, or as the CDC calls it, flattening the curve of new infections. It’s not about your health (unless you’re over 60 or have a disease state that puts you at risk), it’s about the health of those who cannot fight this off if exposed. If you have the ability to stay away from people, you should. Limiting exposure and slowing the burden on hospitals is critical in the next few weeks. Anything you can avoid doing, any trips you can avoid making outside the house, you should. This isn’t the time to go to a movie.

The most nutrient-dense foods are those rich in minerals and fat soluble vitamins. There is some evidence that viruses like this one have greater effect on those with low vitamin A and D stores.

* Foods rich in fat soluble vitamins specifically (A, D, E, K) – eggs, fatty fish including salmon and sardines.
*Pastured organic eggs, rich in protein and healthy fats.
*Bone broth and soups.
*Fermented foods- raw sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented vegetables. You will find these in the refrigerated section only- the canned stuff has no living enzymes due to heat.
* Collagen powders can boost gut health and therefore immunity.
* Juicing – fresh pressed vegetable juices- carrots, beets, celery, with ginger and turmeric and greens.
* Vegetable, fruit/berry smoothies – adding in the collagen powder or a high quality protein powder can be good.
* Grass fed beef, pastured chickens, and organic organ meats (if you’re willing) are VERY high in fat soluble vitamins.
* And most importantly LOTS of leafy green vegetables.

No chips, ice cream, soda, energy drinks, sugar, muffins, refined carbs or processed foods. All of these reduce your immune response. Avoid exposure to other people by cooking at home.

Some of these I regularly take anyway for immune boosting and chronic viral suppression:

* MegaSpore probiotic
* Digestive enzymes as I eat to help digest/absorb nutrients from food.
*ADK: 1 capsule has 5000 iu of A and 5000 of D, plus K2
* Ultimate Antiox: A wide spectrum antioxidant that includes so many immune support herbs and vitamins
*Vitamin C: I take 2000 mg daily, and have been increasing to 5000 these days
*Selenium: 200 mcg daily
*SBI Protect: gut healing and mucosal immune support
*Zinc: 30 mg daily

And lots of water, particularly warm drinks that are more easily absorbed. Hydration is key for good health, good immune function and moving everything through the body, including toxins. It also keeps your mucus membranes moist, which is critical in fighting viruses.

If you have questions about how to support yourself, please reach out. The healthier we stay, the faster this all goes away and life as we know it can resume.

(Thanks to my colleague Jody Summers for initially sharing many of these thoughts. )

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