About Ellen

How could someone who used to be known as “The Dairy Queen” possibly develop an intolerance to milk products in her thirties? And to wheat in her forties?

This was what brought me to nutrition studies.

Coming from a medical family, I’ve always had a deep interest in health and wellness. After getting a Masters in Russian Studies at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, as well as a Masters in Public Health at George Washington University, I went on to run international public health programs in the former Soviet Union. I worked to educate school children in Moscow about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco, and to stop the spread of the most virulent forms of tuberculosis in Ukraine. Back home, I helped to found the Women’s Health at Stanford program, focusing on provider and community education around a variety of women’s health issues. Education and promoting healthy behaviors was cemented as my passion.

Then one day, I woke up, nauseated. And the nausea lasted for 6 months. I had every test my medical doctors could think of. Scopes showed nothing wrong. Skin allergy testing was negative. No one had any idea what to do. Some days all I could do was lie on the bed, the nausea accompanied by vertigo, and hope for it to pass. Finally, I saw a Naturopathic doctor, who did extensive blood antibody testing for hundreds of foods, and who put me on an elimination diet. In 5 days, the nausea was gone. And sure enough, the test results showed that I was off-the-charts intolerant to a large number of foods I’d been eating every day, including dairy and eggs. I gave up those foods, finding good replacement options, and felt pretty great for years.

And then the gut problems started. Many tests and lots of research and elimination diets later, I figured out for myself that I was now intolerant to wheat as well. The list of foods I could eat was growing smaller and smaller.

Discovering the field of Nutritional Therapy was a giant ray of hope. What I learned put me on the road to wellness and understanding like nothing ever had before. My experiences healing myself have led me to be able to help clients do the same, in a wide variety of areas of health and wellness. Coaching clients through food sensitivity and digestive issues has become a passion, but so has simply teaching how a balanced diet of whole foods can entirely change one’s mental and physical health. My deeper training in laboratory testing, interpretation, and support allows me to work to restore wellness and change lives every day. Having survived mold toxicity illness (CIRS), I have a particular focus on identifying and healing mold-sick clients.

I’m also Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, which means that I have achieved the highest level of professional recognition and validation of my exceptional level of knowledge and experience in holistic nutrition, by sitting through a board exam and in documenting client contact hours.

In my spare time, when I’m not cooking and eating delicious food, I love to work in the garden, hike, and go to the beach with my husband and mastiff. I’m a huge animal lover, and I do volunteer wildlife rehabilitation. I am also an aerial fitness/yoga instructor, and a resistance stretch trainer.

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