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We are currently accepting a limited number of one-on-one clients. The first step is always to complete a new client application–you can apply to work with us here.

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email:  ellen@abalancedtable.net

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“Ellen truly changed my life. I had suffered from intestinal issues for most of my adult life. I had countless tests, and I’d seen numerous specialists all of whom didn’t help me at all. It was until I started working with Ellen, that I finally began living pain free. She was extremely thorough in gathering information, and developed a plan that included an elimination diet and supplements to help reduce the internal inflammation. It didn’t take long before I noticed a drastic change in how I looked and felt. I realized that I had been suffering for so long. Ellen has put me on a path toward healing, not just physically but emotionally, too. I know this is a life long journey for me. I’m still figuring out what foods work best for me, but Ellen is right by my side. She is quick to respond to my questions (no matter how strange they are!) and concerns. I trust her completely. I know that she takes a genuine interest in me, and is devoted to helping me feel my best. I cannot recommend Ellen highly enough. She has distinguished herself as a leader in her profession. Her knowledge is undeniable, as well as her kindness and devotion to her clients.” Kathryn I.

“My journey towards optimal nutrition is ongoing, and Courtenay is the reason for all my positive growth. She walks the walk, and her guidance has been instrumental in helping me change for the better. Wherever you are on your journey to better health and nutrition, Courtenay will meet you there and find what is best for YOU! Highly recommend.” Andrea J.