Are We A Good Fit?

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, as they seek wellness and vitality. For almost all of them, the medical model of, “You’re sick, here’s a pill, now you’re healthy!” hasn’t worked. Our role is to give you the tools and guidance you need to allow your body to heal and return to a balanced state. We spend a good bit of time addressing foundational systems and processes such as digestion and blood sugar regulation, and restoring deficiencies so that the body can work again as designed.

Our focus on achieving balance means we are not going to chase symptoms and try to apply “band-aids.” We are going to address you as a whole unique individual, and in so doing, know that your symptoms will start to resolve. Supplements are a part of that, but so are food, exercise, and stress management, among others.

We are also believers in “test, don’t guess.” When the foundational approach outlined above isn’t quite enough, and the picture is more complex, We offer laboratory testing in such areas as blood chemistry, adrenal health, digestion, food sensitivities, male and female hormones, thyroid, organic acids, and mold testing. We use specific, highly sensitive and accurate tests that differ from what you might find elsewhere. We are trained to interpret these tests, and to work with you to provide nutritional support for the body based on the results and your health goals. We do not diagnose or treat disease.

For your part, you will be one of our most successful clients if you:

  • Are ready to make a committed investment of time, effort, and/or money in your health and well-being.
  • Have a clear idea of your general health concerns but need guidance in making the best dietary decisions.
  • Believe diet plays an important role in your overall mental and physical health and well-being.
  • Are committed to making the diet and lifestyle changes that will help you reach your wellness goals.
  • Will not refuse to give up a specific type of food, if we discover that those foods are making you sick.
  • Understand that laboratory testing and supplementation may be necessary to your healing process.
  • Want to receive education and support, but not rigidity and black-and-white rules.
  • Want to work with a nutritionist who is 100% devoted to your successful health outcomes, and has the knowledge to back up each recommendation.

Our work together will start with an examination of your current diet, lifestyle, and health concerns. We will review your health history, discuss your goals, and then use a customized combination of a nutrient-dense whole foods plan, supplement protocols, and laboratory testing to help find the best path for you.  We might recommend adding or avoiding foods, supplementation to help you heal, and lifestyle changes to help with balance. If you have food sensitivities, we’ll help you design a nutrition plan that includes healthy, satisfying alternatives. We like to focus on what you CAN eat, not what you shouldn’t. Every client is treated as an individual—there’s no cookie-cutter solution to your unique needs.

Together, we’ll come up with a plan that is achievable and feels manageable, and that goes at a pace you feel comfortable handling. We’ll help you sort through all of the conflicting information that’s out there, providing you with the knowledge and support you need to feel empowered to play a role in restoring your own health.

Click here to learn how we can get started together, or go ahead and apply to work one-on-one with us here. We work with clients around the world via telephone and Zoom.

“Ellen is just so fantastic. I am so grateful for everything she’s done for me (and continues to do). I really thought I’d have to just live with the chronic fatigue and joint pain that my doctors weren’t interested in investigating, and made me feel like at old lady at just 27. She has really changed my life just through assessing and modifying my diet. My fatigue is greatly reduced, and my joint pain only reoccurs when I slip up food wise. A completely unexpected side effect is also that I no longer need my inhalers for my asthma. My inflammation is so greatly reduced that my asthma has all but disappeared. I’m so so grateful. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.” –Vicky K