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“Ellen is a miracle-worker! When I first reached out to her, I was in despair, and utterly desperate. I was limited to about 11 foods–everything else triggered terrible eczema flares on my face and neck (imagine poison oak all over–it makes you want to claw your face off!) All the M.D.’s could offer me was ointments, which only suppress symptoms. And I was getting worse–the number foods I could safely eat was shrinking! It was affecting everything: my sleep (what sleep?), my energy levels (practically nonexistent–and I used to be the “Energizer Bunny”!), my social life (impossible, since everything revolves around food!) My life was so constrained, and I was becoming more and more depressed as a result. After 6 months of working with Ellen, I’m eating foods I thought I might never be able to have again! Although of course what Ellen does is science, from where I’m sitting, after almost a YEAR of barely being able to eat anything without suffering the next day, having a full spectrum of foods available to me again — and NO itchy skin the next day! — truly feels like a miracle. I have been singing Ellen’s praises to everyone I know. She is AMAZING! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Run, do not walk, to work with Ellen!” Melissa D.

“Figuring out one’s own ideal nutrition plan is very tough on one’s own. Proper nutrition is not a one size fits all proposition. Having a thoughtful, insightful, and thorough guide to finding the best way to nourish (and avoid poisoning) yourself is crucial. Courtenay Fisher is that person. Highly recommend.” Robert V. 

“I have IBS and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was pretty miserable in terms of digestion and needed some help. Luckily I found Ellen. She understood my problems and provided effective advice and direction. I worked with her for over a year, she was able to help pinpoint problem foods for me, gave me a dietary path that worked for me. She is very easy to work with, has an impressive depth of knowledge and most of all it’s effective.” Tim S.

“Annie-Rose helped me re-establish what it means to be healthy again. I had major gut issues and was unsure where to start but knew I had to change something. Annie-Rose helped me through this process, step-by-step and discovered that some of my issues were related to food sensitivities. I wouldn’t have figured this out on my own had I not worked with her on a cleanse program and intensive healing gut work to recalibrate my gut microbiome again. After 6+ months of working with Annie-Rose, I have never felt better…with my gut issues resolved, I’m maintaining my healthy regimen and have more energy because of her program. It was EXACTLY what I needed and very grateful for her championing me every step of the way!” Samantha T.

“Ellen truly changed my life. I had suffered from intestinal issues for most of my adult life. I had countless tests, and I’d seen numerous specialists all of whom didn’t help me at all. It was until I started working with Ellen, that I finally began living pain free. She was extremely thorough in gathering information, and developed a plan that included an elimination diet and supplements to help reduce the internal inflammation. It didn’t take long before I noticed a drastic change in how I looked and felt. I realized that I had been suffering for so long. Ellen has put me on a path toward healing, not just physically but emotionally, too. I know this is a life long journey for me. I’m still figuring out what foods work best for me, but Ellen is right by my side. She is quick to respond to my questions (no matter how strange they are!) and concerns. I trust her completely. I know that she takes a genuine interest in me, and is devoted to helping me feel my best. I cannot recommend Ellen highly enough. She has distinguished herself as a leader in her profession. Her knowledge is undeniable, as well as her kindness and devotion to her clients.” Kathryn I.

“My journey towards optimal nutrition is ongoing, and Courtenay is the reason for all my positive growth. She walks the walk, and her guidance has been instrumental in helping me change for the better. Wherever you are on your journey to better health and nutrition, Courtenay will meet you there and find what is best for YOU! Highly recommend.” Andrea J.

“Ellen is just so fantastic. I am so grateful for everything she’s done for me (and continues to do). I really thought I’d have to just live with the chronic fatigue and joint pain that my doctors weren’t interested in investigating, and made me feel like at old lady at just 27. She has really changed my life just through assessing and modifying my diet. My fatigue is greatly reduced, and my joint pain only reoccurs when I slip up food wise. A completely unexpected side effect is also that I no longer need my inhalers for my asthma. My inflammation is so greatly reduced that my asthma has all but disappeared. I’m so so grateful. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.”      Vicky K.

“The Restart program taught by Courtenay was very informative. I am more conscious of what I put in my body. This was a life changing program. Courtenay even took the time to research issues that I have and discussed with me! I’m sure that was not part of the program but shows how dedicated she is to helping others live a healthy life. She even shared recipes!” Sharon A. 

“I just wanted to thank you for how much you helped me last Fall. My hormones are in the best shape they’ve been in in my whole life, and my husband and I are planning to start trying to get pregnant next month. My family and I deeply appreciate you!!!! ” I.M., Oregon

“Ellen has changed my life. I came to her with stomach pain, depression, fatigue, eating what everyone told me to eat and not losing weight despite exercising almost every day. I’m a triathlete and marathoner for fun. She helped to heal my stomach and was able to help me lose weight (50 pounds, from a size 12/14 to a 4/6) and keep it off!! It’s been months and I’m still maintaining. Pretty much everything is better now. I even need less thyroid meds. I sleep well, I’m not depressed, I don’t have stomach pain or diarrhea. I feel like a new person. Ellen was able to do what countless doctors couldn’t do. If you are on the fence I would strongly encourage you to talk to her. She is amazing!!” Misha W.

“Ellen helped me find my way to better health. For many years I suffered from migraines. They began in my late 30’s and occurred only occasionally. I believed that stress was the contributing factor. As the years progressed, so did the migraines. I tried to reduce my workload in the hope that the migraines would go away. . . . to no avail. I spent many years suffering and feeling helpless not knowing how to deal with this issue. After I turned 50, I was getting migraines on an average of 2 times per month. I ultimately suspected that nutrition might play a role and I scheduled an appointment with Ellen. We addressed my current food intake, tested for food sensitivities, and worked together to develop a food and supplement plan to tackle this issue. It wasn’t easy, but it worked! I am feeling so much better. The migraines are now rare . . . and usually triggered by my own poor choice of food consumption. I feel so empowered to know that I actually have control over my own health and happiness. I am now able to travel without immense fear of succumbing to a migraine while I am away from home. Recently, I made the decision to travel to Italy to compete in an athletic event. I never would have done this if I hadn’t worked with Ellen. I am so grateful for Ellen’s knowledge and expertise that has led me on a new journey of health and wellness.”  Lisa, Scotts Valley, CA

“I had heard awesome reviews about Ellen and decided to reach out to her and see if she could help me. When I started I was extremely emotional, I couldn’t sleep (if I did I woke up exhausted), my energy levels were a roller coaster throughout the day, and even though I was working out 5-6 times weekly I felt tired, weak and had not seen any changes in my body. After working with Ellen for the past 6 months I truly could not be happier with how things have gone. Ellen assessed my unique situation and made recommendations designed specifically for me. After a couple check ins, tweaks, and discovering what works for me and my body I am loving life! I sleep well, have consistent energy throughout the day, and I don’t get stomach aches after eating! I realized how I feel is much more important and food is the main factor in that. Plus, when I focused on fueling my body and taking care of it, the rest took care of itself and I have never looked or felt better! ” Tasha, Concord, CA

“Ellen is great! I started working with Ellen because I had no appetite, and when I did eat, I got bloated. I wasn’t sleeping well and had chronic diarrhea. After some preliminary laboratory testing, Ellen put me on an anti-fungal diet and suggested supplements that would help eliminate an overgrowth of yeast. Within six weeks, I had my appetite back (without the bloat), I was sleeping better, and lost 10 pounds.  She is so knowledgeable. She taught me to make healthy eating choices and that made all the difference. Thank you, Ellen.”  Janet, San Jose, CA

“Before I started working with Ellen I thought of myself as a very healthy eater but had no appetite in the morning and no matter how much I ate for lunch I always felt like I needed a serious power nap by the early afternoon.  I also had a hard time gaining muscle mass even though I worked out every day.  Within a few months, Ellen helped me rebalance my meals which led to a 10 pound weight gain of pure muscle mass (my abs have never looked flatter!) and an even energy level throughout the day. ” Seanmichael, Berkeley, CA

“Ellen has been life-changing.  Quite literally.  I would give her the highest marks as a teacher.  Every other time I’ve had to speak with a nutritionist, they have just spent a ton of time telling me what not to do.  And when someone tells me not to do something, I want to do it more.  Ellen has given me the information and tools to make my own decision and, for the first time in my life, I feel like I am actually in control of my diet and life.”   Lori, Walnut Creek, CA

“This is the first year I’ve been able to just smell all the time, like I can actually smell the flowers, and even my dog, I couldn’t smell him before unless he smelt really bad! So thank you!”  Vicky, Cornwall, UK

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Ellen because she goes above and beyond in terms of guidance towards healthy options. I’ve struggled with being constantly hungry most of the time because of a low-fat diet mixed with a super active lifestyle. Ellen worked with me to incorporate healthy fats into my diet as a way to fuel my body for longer so that I feel sustained through my workouts. She has been a tremendous help in guiding me towards a cleaner, more balanced diet and I have continued to work with her to polish my nutrition choices.” Amy, San Francisco, CA

“Ellen is very passionate about nutrition and easy to talk to. She helps find alternatives to improve your diet and presents them in helpful ways. One of the things I feared from starting to learn was that I would be told to never eat certain foods. Instead, she finds healthier options and helps you moderate so you never feel deprived of foods you love. She also presents information in easily digestible formats. I’ve never felt overwhelmed with too much information. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn how to improve my diet from her.” Lauren, Mountain View, CA

“I have been working with Ellen for the past six months. During this time, Ellen has been an amazing source of nutritional knowledge and encouragement. Although I don’t have food sensitivities, I wanted to learn to make better choices in the food I was eating and feeding to my family. Ellen provided the information I needed to make those healthful choices. Over the past six months I have stabilized my weight (losing 10 pounds in the first 2 months and keeping it off), increased my energy, and improved my sleep. Ellen has taught me to shop better, cook better, and eat better, all in the most encouraging way. The nutritional education and support she provides has truly made a difference in my life.”  Laurie, Silver Spring, MD

“Absolutely astoundingly good was the Nutrition seminar by Ellen at A Balanced Table. Good Lord!! She was incredibly prepared and at ease with her material. She delivered extremely useful information in a clear concise understandable manner and took great care to relate this information to pole and/or athletics. Even with all the major distractions and chaos going on around us, she never missed a beat. I was so impressed I plan on paying her money for nutrition advice. Might be the best free thing I ever experienced. She’s a real pro. 5 stars.”  Conference attendee, International Pole Convention, June 2015


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