Detox Cleanses: Important or Silliness?

It’s unfortunate that detox cleanses have been broadly painted as a hoax. Detoxification, also known as detoxication in the scientific literature, is the biological process undertaken by the liver, our body’s filter. Fat-soluble compounds–things like pesticides and heavy metals–enter our bodies daily from the food we eat and air we breathe. Plus, our bodies make many undesirable compounds through the cellular processes that make up normal life. All of these things have to be processed to be able to be removed from the body.
The reality is, most people have some compromises to the efficiency and efficacy of their detoxification processes. Methylation, sulfation, and the other processes known as Phase II detoxification (Phase II detoxification = turning harmful compounds into harmless ones, ready to be excreted) rely deeply on the body having adequate levels of co-factor nutrients, things like B and C vitamins. Adequate levels of certain amino acids are also necessary. Today’s food supply does not contain sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals, due to the systematic depletion of our soils that has occurred. Not to mention, most standard American diets don’t meet the necessary intakes on vitamins and minerals.
Additionally, up to 40% of people have some form of an inborn genetic mutation to the MTHFR gene. This gene is directly responsible for the methylation process that is critical to the detoxification cycle. Mutations means that we are much less efficient at carrying out this form of detox. Finally, our toxic burden of chemicals is at the highest level seen in history. It’s estimated the average woman has 160 chemicals on her body before she walks out the door in the morning, with an estimated 80% of what goes on the skin ending up in the bloodstream. We are living in a toxic soup, and our livers are fighting hard to keep up.
For all of these reasons–inadequate nutrient levels, genetic mutations, and our heavy toxic burdens–giving the detox process a boost a couple of times a year with a well-planned liver detox cleanse can be a great thing. For clients with skin issues, mood issues, fatigue, and hormonal issues such as heavy PMS, a 21 day liver cleanse is an important part of our rebalancing protocol.

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