Welcome Annie-Rose to A Balanced Table!

I’m so thrilled to announce the addition of Annie-Rose Licht, NTP and RWP, to the A Balanced Table team!

Annie-Rose couldn’t be more excited to join Ellen at A Balanced Table as the Assistant Nutritionist, where she will use her nutrition and coaching expertise to give you additional support in your health journey. Annie-Rose is passionate about working with clients to create sustainable change, specifically nutrition and lifestyle modifications that you can maintain for life!

She will be working with many of you to answer day-to-day questions, guiding you through habit change, and being a source of consistent encouragement. Some of the things you might work on with Annie-Rose:

  • Troubleshooting food substitutions (i.e. how do I replace flour tortillas?!)
  • Menu planning, recipes, and quick meal ideas
  • Habit change around food, movement, stress relief, and sleep
  • Cheerleading and emotional support – we celebrate your big and tiny wins!
  • Answering questions about your protocol, whether it’s food or supplement related
  • Coordinating logistics, such as scheduling appointments, and ordering and answering questions about testing

A little about Annie-Rose: Annie-Rose graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association and has continued on to become certified in both Gastrointestinal Healing and Optimizing Hormones through Restorative Wellness Solutions. 

She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, ages 3 and 6. When she’s not meeting with her wonderful clients or doing nutrition research, she can be found cooking up simple, delicious nutrient-dense meals, reading, exploring nature, chasing around her energetic kids, or attempting to grow an organic garden.

Please join me in welcoming Annie-Rose! She can be reached at annierose@abalancedtable.net , and is available to all ABT clients for health, nutrition, and habit coaching. Make an appointment with Annie-Rose here.

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