Discount On My Favorite Bars

I get asked a lot about bars — the kind you eat, not where you drink.

Mostly, I’m not a fan. The vast majority of bars are high in sugar, low in nutrition. And they replace an opportunity to eat some real food. That said, I understand sometimes they’re the only thing you may have time to scarf. (Which is also a problem, to be discussed another time!)

I have this one day, every two weeks, where my schedule doesn’t allow for lunch. So as I jump in the car, I grab an OHi bar. I really like these bars because they are chock-full of healthy fats from nuts and coconut, they are almost totally organic (a few of the nuts they use aren’t, mostly because that would make them cost-prohibitive), and the small amount of sweetener they use is low glycemic coconut nectar. Low glycemic means it doesn’t cause quick blood sugar swings, so it’s tolerated much better than simple forms of sugar or even honey or maple syrup. All those healthy fats mean lots of long-burning energy; I find these bars keep me satisfied for a few hours, which I’ve never found with any other bar. They’re also completely delicious!

OHi bars are cold-pressed, and are meant to be stored cold–so they’re not a great option to throw in your bag for hours. But if you’re looking for a good quick snack bar to give you some actual energy (as opposed to just crashing you quickly, like a Kind bar will), you might give them a try.

They sent me this 20% off code to share with you. I love all the flavors, so I always get the Variety box. If you try them, let me know what you think!

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